Conoce a nuestros profesores de inglés en Granada


10 agosto 2018

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Casa Aprender inglés de verdad

Conoce a nuestros profesores de inglés en Granada

Conoce a nuestros profesores de inglés en Granada

Os presentamos a nuestra estupenda plantilla de profesores. Ellos os ayudarán durante el nuevo año 2016 a mejorar vuestro inglés.

Anaïs de Inglaterra

Anaïs is from Brighton, England. She has more than 1.5 years of experience as a teacher. What does she love about teaching English?:


«At SHM many of our students stay for a long time, which means I get to know each of them as individuals. This is very enjoyable and we often have a good laugh during lessons. Most of my students need English for work, so it is also very rewarding to help them get a career that they enjoy. «

Sami de EE.UU / Francia

Samy is a bilingual teacher from France / USA. He has been teaching English for 7 years now.


«What I really like about my job is the communicative and interactive aspect of languages. I enjoy showing people how to express different ideas in different ways, while they learn new words and concepts and discover the language’s culture at the same time.»

Brianna de Australia

Briana is from Australia and she has almost 2 years of teaching experience.


«I really enjoy it when I see my students understanding and using English language that a few weeks or months ago they didn’t understand at all! Seeing their progression is a great source of satisfaction.»

Jacob de Inglaterra

Jacob comes from England and he’s is been teaching since 2 years ago.


«What I like about teaching English? I really enjoy watching my students progress over time. There´s nothing more satisfying than getting to know somebody while giving them the tools they need to be known by others.»

Caroline de Lyon

Caroline has been teaching English for the last 12 years. She’s from Lyon.  What she likes about teaching is to share her understanding of how a language works with her students and to see them make progress. She believes the classroom should be a dynamic and interactive place where students can share, exchange and express their opinions and where eventually both students and teacher learn from each other.

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